The DL2 is the rack that began it all. Utilized by many travel offices all through North America, the DL2 is our most famous travel rack for conveying up to two bicycles. This all steel plan conveys maybe a couple bicycles, and obliges wheel sizes from 20″ to 29″ and up to a 44″ wheel base. The DL2 comes in stainless steel bike rack or mellow steel, and is accessible in an assortment of hues and completions.

It has a negligible lifting weight of 19 lbs, the DL2 is lightweight, simple to utilize, and falls well underneath OSHA and NIOSH limits. The DL2’s interesting No Scratchâ„¢ bolster arm secures the front tire without straps or ropes and averts harm to bikes. This deciphers into basic and instinctive traveler utilization, and brisk stacking and emptying times to keep transports on timetable.
Thetransporter is under 25 pounds. The Sportworks bicycle rack has been intended to meet OSHA prerequisites used for uploading by a solitary person.

The mellow steel racks are done with a powdered coat and paint. Powder coat paint gives a tough erosion safe completion. The DL2 steel rack is done with either powder paint coat paint or a globule impact wrap up. The dot impact completion is teh favored completion, as it is cosmetically satisfying, as well as offering a rack against glare appearance while using a naturally agreeable procedure. The completion on every single mounting section is powder coat paint.

Sportworks has planned a huge number of mounting sections for various travel vehicles. Mounting sections commonly have numerous openings for changing the tallness of the bicycle rack. This permits the installer to modify the heap and methodology edge tallness particular to the mentor and now and again particular to specific travel courses.
The bicycle racks are created in 2 sizes and the length and width measurements of the unique bearer (barring mounting sections) are 66 by 27 inches. The ones for the tight profile DL2 rack are 54 by 26 inches.

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